Sunday, January 20, 2013

Volunteers Needed Please Read

Need from one to three volunteers to take over uploading images to the website each month for those that do not have passwords and future new members. When you have a blog they only allow 100 authors to publish to a blog and we passed that number a long time ago. New members were then give an email to send their images to and then their image was uploaded to the Blog for that month. It is not a big job and usually there are only from 30 to 40 images to upload each month but that could vary as the group continues to grow. I am retiring from this volunteer job after doing it for over a year now.  I thought maybe if 3 people wanted to step forward  each could take 4 consecutive month and then that wold make it even easier. But it is really a one person job.  It is not a hard job. You just download the image and hopefully each images has been RESIZED CORRECTLY then you upload it to the blog, you are give a special password to have access to the blog to do this.  For this group to run and continue we will all have to step forward from one time or another and take on a volunteer job like this, as with any group even though you pay dues there is always work to be done to make it function. I hope that someone will come forward soon so they can takeover by March 1st.  Thanks. If you would like to volunteer please email

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