Monday, April 30, 2012

And the Winners Are:


Ann Mannion:  
$2000 Fine Art Connissoeur Magazine Award of Excellence
Mahogany Woman 20x16 oil

Paula Holtzclaw:  
$1400 American Art Collector Award of Excellence
Last Light 20x20 Oil

Katie Dobson Cundiff:  
$1100 Plein Air  Magazine Award of Excellence
Together 12x16 Oil

Lori Putnman:  
$1000 Juror's Choice Award 
+ $350 JFM Gift Cert.  + $300 Fine Art Studios Online Certificate
Scattered and Smothered  9x16 Oil

Susan Hecht: 
 $500 WPSE Award of Excellence
+300 Fine Art Studsio Online Certificate
Morning News 8x8 Oil

Abby Warman
 $250 Eileen Corse Award of Distinction/Figurative
Setting Up for Breakfast 12x16 Oil

Marsha Chandler:
 $250 Barbara Flowers Award of Distinction/Still Life
Pear Go Round 15x21 Watercolor

Eileen Corse:
 $250 Mary Garrish Award of Distinction/Landscape
Sweet Summer 30x30 Oil

Marsha Savage:
 $250 Morris Studios Award
Willeo Park Misty 16x20 Pastel

Karen F. Rose: 
 $250 People's Choice Award 
+$120 Gamblin Oil Paint Set


Maria Hock said...

beautiful work! looks like a fabulous show.

Kathy Cousart said...

Amazing post of gorgeous paintings! Fun to see all the winners together and want to congratulate them all. Would have loved to have seen all the talent together!

Linda Popple said...

Congratulations to all!! These are all beautiful paintings! Kudos to Barbara Flowers! She did a great job judging and it couldn't have been an easy task. :-)

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