Monday, April 30, 2012

And the Winners Are:


Ann Mannion:  
$2000 Fine Art Connissoeur Magazine Award of Excellence
Mahogany Woman 20x16 oil

Paula Holtzclaw:  
$1400 American Art Collector Award of Excellence
Last Light 20x20 Oil

Katie Dobson Cundiff:  
$1100 Plein Air  Magazine Award of Excellence
Together 12x16 Oil

Lori Putnman:  
$1000 Juror's Choice Award 
+ $350 JFM Gift Cert.  + $300 Fine Art Studios Online Certificate
Scattered and Smothered  9x16 Oil

Susan Hecht: 
 $500 WPSE Award of Excellence
+300 Fine Art Studsio Online Certificate
Morning News 8x8 Oil

Abby Warman
 $250 Eileen Corse Award of Distinction/Figurative
Setting Up for Breakfast 12x16 Oil

Marsha Chandler:
 $250 Barbara Flowers Award of Distinction/Still Life
Pear Go Round 15x21 Watercolor

Eileen Corse:
 $250 Mary Garrish Award of Distinction/Landscape
Sweet Summer 30x30 Oil

Marsha Savage:
 $250 Morris Studios Award
Willeo Park Misty 16x20 Pastel

Karen F. Rose: 
 $250 People's Choice Award 
+$120 Gamblin Oil Paint Set

Friday, April 27, 2012

Winners have Been Selected

Barb Flowers did a great job judging this show.  With such diversity, it proved to be a challenge!!!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

We are READY...

Are you?

WPSE Show starts tomorrow with Preview and People's Choice Voting.
Saturday morning Barbara Flowers will give a demo/talk at 9am.
Saturday 5-9pm Opening Celebration and Awards Presentation!!!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

"Near Eager Cottage" Cathleen Windham

"Near Eager Cottage", 10x8
Cathleen Windham

From The Assembly in Monteagle TN

WPSE Show....WOW


Saturday, April 21, 2012

Hello Ladies of WPSE

Hello ladies of WPSE!

Here's a thought I have.

I've started to get my bags packed and ready for the show in Jacksonville. My husband is coming and he's bringing his golf clubs and he would love to get a round of golf together for other spouses coming that play golf, during the demo or paintout. So if anyone is interested tell your spouse to bring their clubs, and email me and he'll set it up!


Snow Melt by Audrey Caywood

Snow Melt 24 x 30 Acrylic

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Jim & Karen's ~ by Gina Brown

8 x 10, oil

Shipping your Works Questions

Some questions concerning shipping are still coming up.
We are reposting shipping instructions Below:

Get a blank label.  Fill it out using your account number for FedEx or UPS.  Include that label with the shipment of your painting to the gallery.  Then we will call FexEx/UPS when we need a pickup time.  You will not be billed until then.  If yours sells, then we just destroy the label.  If you already sent your painting without the label, just put that label in an envelope and mail it to gallery.  This is important, because paintings will not be accepted without a label for shipping back.

Be sure to include:  your bio, and $15 check to Corse Gallery for EACH painting.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Easter Lilacs by Tina Swindell

Easter Lilacs 11 x 14 Oil

Peace Among The Oak by Leslee Lewis Bechtel

Peace Among The Oak  12 x 24  Oil

Sunning On Fire Escape by Aurora Ave

Sunning On Fire Escape 18 x 24 Acrylic

Lemon Over the Sea by Sonia Kane

Lemon Over The Sea 20 x 20 Oil

Night Reflections by Susan Blair Truex

Night Reflections 24 x 48  Oil

Blaze by Susan Henderson

Blaze 20 x 30 Acrylic

Merritt Island Marsh Study by Martha L. Lent

Merritt Island Marsh Study  30 x 30 Oil

McIntosh Lane by Sharon Repple

McIntosh Lane 16 x 20 Acrylic

Songs From the Sea by Adrina Carey

Songs From The Sea 18 x 24 Oil

Unwrapped by Pamela Sweet

Unwrapped  6x8 Oil

Sunday, April 8, 2012

                                                   French Lace IV
                                                30 X 40 oil on linen
                                                 Deborah Elmquist
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