Friday, March 16, 2012

New Widget Added eileen corse

I have added a new widget to our blog.  On your post, it will show similar posts.  The only way to have YOUR posts pulled up is by putting your name in the labels when you post.  This way, people don't have to scroll forever to find more of your works.
Hope you like it,
Eileen Corse

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

American Art Collector and Other Major Magzine Coverage

Note from the President:

Hello Members and Followers.  I just received the new issue of American Art Collector (not at news stands yet) and WPSE has a huge featured article.....Grab a copy as soon as it hits the stands!!!

Look for Plein Air Magazine's feature as well as Fine Art Connoisseur Magazine's feature.  Our NE Florida arts magazine, arbus, has a great featured article as well.

Please try to make it to the show!!!! (arbus)

Eileen Corse, WPSE, Pres.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Sunflowers At The Lake by Nancy Rhodes Harper

Sunflowers At The Lake 9x12 oil

A Friendly Reminder

Please submit only one image per month. Also please size your work not larger than 640 pixels on the longest side.  I am a volunteer and having to size and send an email back to you to only send one image per month takes a great amount of time.  Thank you, Your work is so beautiful!

View From Ft. Hase by Donna Grasso

View From Ft. Hase 8x10 oil

Golden Silence by Helen K. Beacham

Golden Silence 22x29.5 Watercolor

Georgia Landscape by Carol Griffin

Georgia Landscape 9x12 oil

Oil Sketch Of Polka Dot Princess by Eli Blaylock

Polka Dot Princess 8x10 oil

Center Street Crotons by Susan Henderson

Center Street Crotons  16x20 watercolor

Minnow Lake by Audrey Caywood

 Minnow Lake 20x22  acrylic

Glee by Carol Morgan Carmichael

Glee 8x10 oil

Merritt Island Marsh by Martha Lent

Merritt Island Marsh 30x42 oil

Thursday, March 1, 2012

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